Made For Joy

Today : Made For Joy

“I come to your altar, O LORD, singing a song of thanksgiving and telling of all your wonders.” Psalms 26:6-7 (NLT)

The Christian life was meant to be a life of joy. God created us for joy. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be pain or suffering. There will be, but like a child who cries when it hurts itself, soon returns to joy in the loving and compassionate understanding of it’s mother, we too find joy in the loving arms of our Father God. It is this relationship with our creator, this love bond that He puts in our hearts through the presence of the Holy Spirit that returns us again and again to joy. That is why David could say, “Be glad in the Lord.” It is the knowing that God is glad to be with us, that we are loved beyond measure that allows us come to His altar singing a song of thanksgiving. It is this relationship of complete forgiveness and unconditional love and acceptance by God that has us telling others of His wonders. So today, know that you have a God that loves you more than you will ever know. Bask in the warmth of this realization so when your way gets difficult and you experience deep pain, you will be able to experience God’s loving presence and return to the joy you were created for.

Father, thank You for creating me for joy. Thank You for Your unconditional love that fills my heart and causes me, no matter what, to return to joy over and over again.

I return to joy from painful emotions
See yourself in a quandary. Your emotions are escalating. You start to feel overwhelmed. But today you have a choice. You choose to trust God and commit yourself to Him. You choose to return to joy from your painful emotions.