Child Of God

Today : Child Of God

“Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.” Psalm 27:10 (NIV)

At first glimpse this verse may not seem like it has much depth. But if we really understand its meaning, it can change our lives. In his book, “Experiencing Healing Prayer” Rick Richardson shares, “From our mother we get our sense of being and well being. From our father we get a sense of blessing.” But what if that doesn’t happen? None of us go through our childhood unscathed. No parent can completely meet all our needs. If our mother or father was controlling, absent, abusive, distant or exhibited any number of other negative traits, it can result in a struggle with affirmation and self esteem. But what can we do? Do we have to be a victim in this fallen world? Are we sentenced to a life of inescapable emotional stress? No! Not according to today’s verse. We are assured that “even if our father and mother abandon us, the Lord will hold us close.” When we live in a true relationship with God, we will be able to receive our sense of being and well being from Him. When we really comprehend how much He loves and approves of us, we will live our life from a deep sense of blessing that He has for us. Praise God that celebrating who we are in Christ can help us rise above our circumstances and go beyond the limits of our childhood.

Father, I thank You for Your deep, deep love for me. I thank You that You created me for a purpose. I thank You that I am not a mistake. Because of Your love for me, I can really feel good about myself. I receive a sense of well being from knowing that I am a blessing to You. Thank You, Lord, no matter what my past, I can come to You with my needs. When I do, You will hold me close.  In Jesus’ name.

I am God’s beloved child
Meditate on your relationship with your parents. How do you feel about your own sense of well being? How about a sense of blessing? Now picture God coming to you as a perfect loving Father. As He approaches you realize that He is declaring that you are His beloved child. Feel the deep joy as you sense the incredible love He has for you. Feel the well being that settles in your chest as you realize that He has blessed you and will never leave you or forsake you. Affirm that He is your loving Father and you are His beloved child.